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Altar Guild

Altar Guild is a group dedicated to creating and maintaining the altar ensuring it is prepared for each service.

Altar Guild is responsible for providing communion staff and candle duty schedules throughout the year, establishing adequate supplies such as candle oil and communion wine, preparing and cleaning service pieces and linens. Moreover, Altar Guild ensures the integrity of altar candles and candlelighters for weekly Sunday services and as needed for the following services: holidays, Lent, weddings, and funerals. Please note that seasonal items such as the Paschal candle and Advent wreath are also the responsibility of the Altar Guild. We have limited meetings and the schedule is widely spread out on communion Sundays. If time commitment is a concern this is a great way for you to contribute to the church! On a side note, the Altar Guild would like to issue a special thanks to Jamie, the Parish Office Administrator, for ordering our supplies and advising us of schedule changes.

Our Members coming soon

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